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About Us

Who are we?

VELO LONGCHAMP is an association of cyclists for cyclists

Initially, we have put forward the project of refurbishing the cycling ring of Longchamp as part of Parisian participative budget for 2020. This act was successful as it was selected and has resulted in funding being allocated (500 K€ pre-funded)! Our first mission is to follow this project so that up keeping is quickly acted upon and meets the needs of cyclists.

Our vision is wider and could be described as follows: Protect and promote the Longchamp cycling ring so that each of us can cycle in the best conditions.

Thus, we are actively involved in various projects such as the development of cycling for young people or the support of disabled sport activities. As the area is protected from road traffic, the ring is particularly suitable for the training of athletes with disabilities.

Thanks to the membership of hundreds of cyclists and various local sport clubs, we are proud to have amongst us all cyclist profiles and cycling activity without distinction of age, gender, level or even the type of bike! For example, we have practitioners who use tandem (some visually impaired or blind) or of recumbent bikes.

Why an association Vélo Longchamp?

The Longchamp cycling ring is one of those rare and precious places where you can ride at your own pace, being safe and protected from cars. In fact, according to Strava, it is by far the most used bike segment in France. It is thus an essential sport site!

Like the Vincennes ring (Polygon), Longchamp cycling ring has become a real institution for sporty cyclists in Paris and nearby cities. Hundreds of amateur cyclists (or even professionals) train there daily as well as many hikers and runners who run in the opposite direction of those biking on the inside pavement.

But as years pass, the conditions are worsening: damaged surfaces, road markings erased, falling or missing road signs, frequent conflicts of use with cars parked or leaving and accessing the hippodrome, lack of consultation with other users. It is time to redevelop the cycling ring so that we and the next generations can ride in perfectly safe and comfortable conditions.

Our commitments:

  1. Secure the cycling ring

  2. Improve the comfort of the ring

  3. Represent all the sport activities around the ring

  4. Consult with the other users

  5. Define and remind the best practices on cycling safety

  6. Drive the largest number of people to come to the ring

  7. Preserve the ring

Our goals:

  • Actively follow up on the refurbishment project of the ring initiated by the participative budget for 2020 of the city of Paris, to give it priority and make sure the cyclists' demands are taken into account

  • Collect demands and priorities for all sport activities around the ring (beginners, disability sport, clubs, peloton, triathletes, runners and others)

  • Represent the cyclists of Longchamp to the public authorities and private operators which manage and operate the site (city of Paris and its services, town hall for the XVIth arrondissement, Prefecture of Paris, France Galop, Golf ParisLongchamp, festival Solidays, festival Lollapalooza, Cirque of Paname, etc.)

  • Define the good behaviour rules for all users of the site (cyclists, drivers, pedestrians, runners, workers, receptionists, etc.)

  • Organise events to promote the ring of Longchamp (trainings, initiation, competitions, etc.)

  • Introduce begginers (children and adults) to cycling and by creating a dedicated area for initiation. Support local club schools for 5-18 years old young people

  • Monitor the durability of the site by following all operations that could impact its future (renegociation of agreements for user of the hippodrome)

Discover the Longchamp cycling with the "Jeune Cycliste Dynamique" video (in french):

Join Us (IT'S FREE!)

Becoming a member of VELO LONGCHAMP is free and only takes a few minutes:

Here are 5 unbeatable reasons to convince you to join:

  1. You will sooner ride on a safe and comfortable ring! Because the more we are, the more importance we have and the faster the necessary works will be done

  2. Your opinion is as important as any other! By becoming a member, you will be able to directly express your requests and priorities. You will potentially be able to start an initiative that you care about. You could vote during General Assemblies. You will be kept abreast of the project progress

  3. You can combine your membership with other clubs! We are not exclusive! You can stay member of your cycling club, triathlon club or other.

  4. You will never ride alone! By joining us, you will meet other cyclists who could join you around Longchamp. We will organise workshops (introduction to tandem cyling, first-aid, how to take care of your bike). We also want to organise informal meetings every month at Longchamp

  5. You know that without the cycling ring of Longchamp, life would be less beautiful! We tend to forget because we have always had it. Having Longchamp however is an extraordinary benefit. We need to be able to protect and make the ring durable


Who are you and why did you start an association?

We are cyclists who regularly ride in Longchamp. We started an association to improve the sfety and conditions of the ring

I don't have time to give to the association but I want to support it, should I join?

Yes! Once a member, each of us decides the time we want to dedicate and can give to the association

Are there any conditions to join?

The only condition is to share our vision that the Longchamp cycling ring needs to be protected and promoted so that cyclists can practice the sport they love in the best conditions

I cycle to work through Longchamp, can I join?

Of course! We focus more on road cycling but we rely on our members representing all types of cycling, including commuters who represent a fair amount of use of Longchamp

I rarely go to Longchamp, should I join?

Yes! Your membership will help improve the conditions on the cycling ring for regular or occasionnal cyclists. An occasionnal cyclist has often better ideas than a cyclist who knows by heart all the dangers of Longchamp (damaged surface, tough conditions)

I am already a member of another club, can I join?

Yes and please get your club to join (so that even more cyclists are represented)

Meet Us

Come meet us on the occasion of informal events we will organise

Location: at the fountain of the starting lane, at the top of the hill, on the left. See on the map:

Organistation: We will share drinks and snacks! We will try to limit waste et maybe we will pour the drinks in your bottles! It will be an opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Next dates:

    None scheduled for now

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